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24 Inch Bike for What Size Person – Expert’s Tips & Instructions

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

24 inch bike for what size person

There are various bike sizes on the market, and buying one that will fit your preferences can be a hard task to do. A 24 inch bike for what size person, then? Well, it is built for kids and mostly women due to its size, and it often has features focused on comfortability and safety.

In this article, we will match your question about “How big is a 24 inch bike?” to “what height for 24 inch bike” for you to choose the right one. Let us delve further into understanding this bike size and its benefits.

Who Will Fit to Ride a 24-inch Bike

  • Women – Compared to men, women naturally possess smaller hands and feet. With this being said, a 24 bike height is also built for smaller frames and body types, so these bikes are more comfortable to ride for women.
  • Adults – The main selling point of a 24 inch tire bike is ease and comfortability. Even if a 24 inch bike for adults has a lower seat and wheel diameter, it is compatible with those who have difficulties or discomfort using bicycles that have a 26-inch height or higher.
  • Kids – This smaller frame and size are perfectly suited for kids. The lightweight frame build helps kids maneuver the bike more easily and safely. Its smoother wheel design is perfect for comfortable cycling, even on uneven surfaces.
  • Safety – Statistically speaking, cyclists and riders are at a more significant disadvantage when it comes to accidents on the road. Every year in the United States alone, pedal cyclists approximately comprise two percent of all motor and vehicle-related accidents.


What Are the Features of a 24-inch Bike

  • Narrow Handlebars – Typically, a handlebar proportionately increases along with the bike frame size. The smallest length often comes with a bar length of 40 centimeters. Meanwhile, larger bikes have a 44-centimeter bar length or higher.
  • Shorter Seat Tubes- A low seat post is very efficient for kids with shorter inseams as it will help them reach the pedals faster. Taller people may look into adjusting the seat height to maximize their leg strengths when pedaling.
  • Lightweight Frame – Cycling with a heavier bike is harder to drive around for kids and adults alike as it comes with heavier wheels and a more solid frame structure. A 24 inch wheel bike is suitable for people who weigh less because of its lightweight frame build.
  • Smaller Pedals – Pedaling requires strength, and the pedals must require only the right amount of effort for the foot. Heavier pedals are inefficient as they are not generally used for racing and long-distance riding.


How to Determine if a 24-inch Bike Fits You


  • Height and Weight – The general 24 inch bike height requirement is 5’4” or lower, although this does not apply to every person. Taller people could have difficulty cycling on them because their bodies and feet are typically longer and bigger than the bike.
  • Inseam – The position of the seat to the pedals will define how the legs are angled while sitting on it. A person with a longer inseam may find it harder riding the height of a 24-inch bike. It is important that you sit comfortably and have the appropriate reach for the pedals.
  • Product Specifications – When browsing or looking for bikes to purchase, reading the product specifications will save you a great deal of time. The information regarding the brand or model will give you an idea of what size and weight it supports and the age they are most compatible.
  • Bike Size Charts – To know what age is 24 inch bike for, they are most suitable for kids and teens with an estimated height of 4’5” to 4’9” inches, mostly for kids seven years old and over. For kids, the wheel diameter is measured according to their height.

Kids up to 12 years of age grow to an average height of 5.3 feet. A 24-inch wheel bike in diameter can support heights up to 5.5 feet, according to this bike size chart by height. A 20 inch bicycle is a good alternative if a child still finds this size too big or uncomfortable.

Size (in) Child height (in) Age Inseam (in)
16” 3’7” – 4’0” 4-5 18-22”
18” 3’9” – 4’3” 5-6 20-24”
20” 4’0” – 4’5” 5-8 22-25”
24” 4’5” – 4’9” 7-11 24-28”
  • Seat Tube Frame Measurement – A 24 inch mountain bike seat is considered too low. This height is suitable for bikes mainly designed for kids and shorter people. If your height is more than 5.5 feet, it is advisable to get either a 22 inch or a 25 inch
  • Top Tube Frame Measurement – Riding a bike with a longer top tube will make you arch your back more to reach the handlebars. This particular bike height will give you better access to its handles.

Types of 24-inch Bikes Available in the Market Today

  • Road Bikes – The road bike is standard for casual use only and is suitable for traveling on roads and other paved terrains. However, 24-inch road bikes have a low handlebar height, and they can be hard to drive compared to other types.
  • Mountain Bikes – Mountain Bikes are best used on rough and rocky surfaces or riding “off-road”. Its main selling point is its durability, as it can withstand abuse and stress without making the rider uncomfortable. With that being said, a mountain bike of this size is a perfect balance between height and durability.
  • Hybrid – This bike balances a mountain bike and a road bike. A 24 inch bike for what height a cyclist has is something that hybrid bicycles surely have. Hybrid bikes are versatile and suitable for kids and shorter people.
  • Toddler Trailers – A toddler trailer or a bike trailer resembles a chariot-like carriage where the passenger seat is located. The carriage is being pulled behind by a bicycle. The bike is used for recreational purposes like strolling and bike training.


Now, you have a good idea about a 24 inch bike for what size person to ride, you might want to consider if it works for you. Still, the selection must be carefully evaluated, for multiple factors and measurements are at play.

These guidelines for getting a fitting bicycle help prevent accidents because you are safer and more comfortable driving on a busy road.

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