The Bike to Work Day Business Challenge is limited to companies located in the nine-county Denver region, and within each county by four Classes: Class A (1-29 employees), B (30-99 employees), C (100-299 employees) and D (300+ employees). Companies located in other parts of Colorado are encouraged to seek out Bike to Work Day activities in their local area: contact CDOT for more information. 

Rankings are calculated using an effort index rather than a simple number of participants per company. Learn more about the Effort Index and Class Type: Effort Index

Congratulations to the 2015 Business Challenge Top 20

Attached files

NameCounty# of Participants# of Total EmployeesEffort Index
+ Denver County: Class B
Denver Regional Council of GovernmentsDenver8950.58
-- CAM5140.94
-- IT130.41
-- Admin2180.33
-- RPO0130.00
-- TPO0210.00
-- Exec040.00
-- AAA0240.00